November 2022 Updates!

Posted by Phoebe Lopez on

I can't believe it's November.

I also can't believe I'm not doing markets. I can't believe how many things have changed for us personally and I'm so excited to share all the amazing new things that we will be adding to our store.


We've loved our journey with creating bath bombs and soaps for everyone. It has been so rewarding to see how many lives we've changed and touched with our products. We will continue to work on our favorites and introduce new products over time.

The big news if you haven't noticed is that we are moving into apparel. If you follow us on social media, you know that today was our release of some new items! I'm so excited to share more on both here and Etsy. If you must know, the traffic to Etsy is one that cannot be matched, but in time, I'm sure we'll be our own big name soon.

Most of our designs will be for casual wearing and gym nerds. If you're out and about in our designs, please share with us! We love feedback and pictures to put on our social media.


The final teaser for you my friends- we're expanding into a very specific niche to add a whole new shiny element of our lifestyle into this brand. Stick around, keep your eyes on our social and you'll see all the amazing things we'll be adding at the beginning of the year.

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