Our Story


Hey Y'all I'm Phoebe Lopez, the owner and creator behind Cottonfire Boutique. This brand has evolved quite a bit since the beginning and I'm very excited to see where it goes.

I initially started my shop on Etsy in 2019 making reusable napkins and other household goods. However, I really wanted to get into candle making and in the Fall of 2020, I began experimenting with different scents and waxes. At the end of the year and talking with my grandpa and dad, bath products started calling my name. I began to research on what would be great for my 1 year old's skin at the time since he had an eczema breakout. Watching your son and husband struggle with each other is just not ideal. He loves baths and would be annoyed with showers so this quickly was a problem. He also wasn't doing great with many of the store bought lotions and creams. We saw a decent improvement in his skin when we used a local maker's body butter in Sacramento.

Once I started digging into my holistic and "crunchy" mama ways, I found that hemp seed oil calms irritated and inflamed skin. It's super moisturizing and because of the amount of fatty acids it holds, it can even relieve pain. Talk about a win-win for me and little man. And so our luscious bath bombs began. After seeing a huge improvement in his little baby skin, I decided to experiment with other items like sugar scrubs and our own body butters. And that's how we started creating these amazing skin loving products for you and your family.

We are based in the DFW area and you can find us in our local markets on the weekends. See our schedule to find out where we'll be next :) We're so excited to have you stop by and we thank you for all your support!